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pressed in a book//the untied shoelaces of your life

you feel at ease.

20 October
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This girl is the definition of ultimate stokage! As nerdy as it may sound, it is beyond truth! She's got a beautiful soul, loves to surf, and loves to love! She pretty much my (gnarlygrom) soulmate! or something awesome like that. She's a very interesting unique fun loving compasionate amazing girl who is definately worhty of getting to know!

all in all, she's just loving life and everything about it!


2nd light, acoustic guitar, acting, bands, beach, ben gibbard, billabong, black, black eyeliner, blindside, board shaping, bob marley, bright eyes, california, cell phones, checkers, cheeseburgers, christain surfers, cj hobgood, cocoa beach, coheed and cambria, coldplay, conor oberst, converse, costa rica, curly hair, damien hobgood, dancing, dashboard confessionals, david crowder band, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, destin florida, divisions of laura lee, duran duran, emo, flirting, florida, franz ferdinand, guys, hair, hawaii, heidi drazich, horrorpops, hot hot heat, icons, in and out burger, indie, indo, indo boards, interpol, jack johnson, jazz, john mayer, lip gloss, love, modest mouse, monty python, movies, no doubt, norah jones, norma jean, ocean, operation ivy, phantom planet, phish, piano, piercings, pink, pretty girls make graves, quiet flight, reef, riff randal, rip curl, rock, rock and roll highschool, rock n roll highschool, rooney, rosenburg surfboards, rufio, san clemente, san diego, san fransisco, sandals, seafood, sector 9, sex pistols, sex wax, shows, skateboarding, snapper rocks, step into liquid, sticky bumps, sublime, surf tech, surf videos, surfers, surfing, swimming, switchfoot, that 70's show, the, the 80's, the ataris, the beach boys, the clash, the darkness, the doors, the emerald coast, the hives, the killers, the living end, the moldy peaches, the outsiders, the postal service, the ramones, the shins, the strokes, the used, the vines, the who, tiki, tnt, trestles, tropical, u2, vans, violin, volcom, warped tour, waves, whataburger, www.revosummer.com, x-trak, yeah yeah yeahs